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Lanai is one of the smallest islands in Hawaii, and is home to just over 3,000 people and not a single traffic light!.  It was formerly known as the "Pineapple Island", due to the large amount of the fruit that was grown here.  From Manele Bay in the South East of the Island to the bumpy road and scenic views of the Munro Trail, you'll find a wide range of activities to please just about everyone. Have a round of golf on two challenging courses with amazing views at each hole, take a 4-wheel drive tour off the beaten track or go snorkeling in crystal clear waters at Hulopoe Beach.

A place of deep cultural significance, Lanai boasts many historical sites, old fishing villages, and unique topographical features like the boulder-strewn Keahikawelo. In the center of the island, Lanai City features thoroughly and lovingly restored landmarks, including the lovely Lanai Playhouse and Theater and the charming Hotel Lanai, both dating from the 1920's. A prehistoric mystery lingers in Luahiwa, where visitors will find 34 boulders featuring intriguing petroglyphs carved by ancient Hawaiians.


This island does not have a plethora of fabulous beaches to laze on, but there are a few places to get your sand fix. Most of the islands' southern and western shoreline is steep cliffs and lava rock bays, but there are no places where you can get safe access to virtually all of them.  The northern and north-eastern coastline is mostly sandy beaches, sand dunes and bays, but not all accessible, due to the lack of roads.  But there are several places where you can safely access the beach and the water, if you can brave the long and winding offroad dirt and sand tracks or hiking trails through the scrub and trees.  The best place for visitors is Hulopo'e Beach, on the south-east coast, just next to the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, which is easy to get to, and a public beach for visitors to use.   The rocky scr

With one of the world's most celebrated resorts and miles of pristine natural wonders awaiting your discovery, Lanai is a dream getaway for couples and a place of unrivaled beauty.


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The islands that make up the Hawaiian chain are all very different and each can offer a diverse and distinct experience to the visitor.  For more information on all these beautiful islands, you can visit the official Hawaii Tourism website, The Hawaiian Islands, for lots of advice and interesting facts.



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Hawaii-Lanai Four Seasons The Lodge at Koele Four Seasons Manele Bay Resort

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Four Seasons Resort Lanai

Four Seasons Resort Lanai

The elegant Four Seasons Lanai overlooks the white sand beach of quiet Hulopo'e Bay.

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Hotel Lanai

Hotel Lanai

A small historic hotel, recently refurbished, in the centre of Lanai City with a warm country lodge feel.

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