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Are you planning a trip to the beautiful islands of the South Pacific Ocean? Be it for a holiday, wedding, honeymoon or an anniversary, then look no further, as you have found the UK's leading specialist tour operator for travel to all the islands of the North and South Pacific Ocean.


There are many words to describe these magical islands; unique, exotic, inspiring, idyllic, romantic, unspoilt to list but a few.


But which ever word you use, you will experience the true, ultimate dream destination.


The Transpacific Holidays team have a wealth of expert knowledge and first hand experience of these amazing islands, having visited Hawaii. Fiji, The Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti French Polynesia (which includes Bora Bora), Vanuatu, New Zealand, plus many more.


As part of the research for your visit to the Pacific, we are sure that you will visit the TripAdvisor site to seek other travellers comments on your chosen destination.


We would council against taking some of the negative comments that you may read at face value, as our experience of this site is that most of the negative comments you will read are because these travellers had been sold the wrong product or destination, and we believe that the expectation of their experience was greater than the destinations' ability to deliver.





Tropical Cyclone Pam


Tropical Cyclone Pam hammered through some of the islands of the South Pacific over the 13-15 March, and has caused significant damage to the islands of Vanuatu, Kiribati and Tuvalu, and some storm damage in the Solomon islands, New Caledonia and, to a lesser extent, Fiji.  Vanuatu took the brunt of the catagory 5 storm and there has been a lot of destruction, mainly to the local towns and villages, due to the lighter construction of the homes.  Many trees are down and vegetation is severly affected.  In Kiribati and Tuvalu, most of the damage has been caused by a high tidal storm surge, which has caused extensive flooding, but there is also some property damage from the high winds.  Please see the islands' dedicated pages for more information.


Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected.


So, if you are in any doubt, or just want to check out some facts, please phone or email us and we will talk you through any concerns you have.  We will  give you the best of our knowledge and suggest the right destination and property for you and hopefully put your mind at rest.


Our first hand experience of the Islands of the Pacific Ocean allows us to carefully hand pick the islands and resorts that will best fit your individual needs, from the rustic, sand-between-your-toes, Robinson Crusoe experience, to staying in one of the most luxurious six star resorts to be found anywhere in the world.


We will work to provide you with a personal service of the highest standard, creating your perfect holiday, tailor-made exclusively for you. We will ensure you have the holiday or special event trip of a lifetime, to meet your exact requirements and one that will exceed your expectations. And you do need to get it right, as it's a long way to go to be disappointed!




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