With more than 2500 hours of sunshine annually and a sea temperature that rarely falls below 75°F, the weather here is just perfect! The volcanic islands of Samoa bid you 'Talofa Lava' or 'Welcome' to the heart of Polynesia. The islands are stunningly beautiful with pristine white sand beaches with thickly vegetated covered mountains and many of the best waterfalls to be found on any island in the South Pacific.


There are 2 main islands in Samoa; Upolu, the more developed and westernised island, where the capital, Apia and the International Airport is located, and the larger but less populated island, Savaii.  Both have amazing natural beauty, from the crystal clear ocean teeming with tropical fish and majestic turtles, to the lava fields, rainforests, waterfalls, mineral springs and caves.  You can see and experience tradtional Samoan daily life in many of the small towns and villages dotted around these beautiful islands.


Independant since 1962, the Samoan people are very warm and friendly and have proudly preserved their century's old Polynesian culture.  Each village has it's own Chief or 'Matai', who still retains a great influence over day to day village life, helping to maintain the cultural core for the nation.


Lying just west of the International Dateline, Samoa is one of the first countries to see in the new day in and one of the first countries to see the sunset at the end of the day!


We believe that Samoa is one of the South Pacific's best kept secrets....


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Cruises around the Samoan Islands

Currently, there are no locally based cruise companies offering cruse itineraries around Samoa.  There are a few major cruise companies operating the large luxury liners, who offer itineraries across and around the Pacific that will visit some of these islands, but they are not frequent or on a regular basis.


SPECIAL NOTE, SAMOA lost a day......


So that Samoa is in the same time zone as its major trading partners in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, on the 29th December 2011, it changed its time zone. Samoa leaped forward 24 hours to the 31st December and went into the same time zone as these countries.  So, if some of your Samoa reference literature was published before 2011, it will still show Samoa in the old time zone.


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Upolu is the smallest of the 2 islands in Samoa, and is where the capital, Apia, and International Airport is located. Busier, more developed, westernised and more densely populated than Savai'i, there are still quiet secluded areas, tropical rainforest and beaches to explore.

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Savai'i is the larger of the 2 islands and is also one of the largest islands in the South Pacific. Much quieter and less populated than its smaller neighbour, it is a green paradise with many secluded beaches.

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