Christmas Island

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Christmas Island, or Kiritimati, is located in Kiribati's eastern island group, The Line Islands, which are 2000 miles east of Tarawa.  The island is reached regularly by supply boats from Tarawa which offer very basic passage accommodation, but make for a very interesting journey although you will need to have a couple of months to spare!  However, there is a quicker way to reach the island, this is on the weekly Fiji Airways flight  either from Honolulu, Hawaii which takes approximately two and a half hours, or from Nadi, Fiji, which takes just under six hours


Christmas Island holds an interest for a number of British citizens as it was at the centre of the British Atomic Bomb development in the 60's and early 70's.  During that period there were a great number of British service personnel and scientists posted to the island.


The Captain Cook Hotel is the only accommodation we offer on the island, and was developed out of the old RAF officers quaters.  The hotel can be best described as adequate, but everything works and the water is hot!


The only major visitor attraction at this time is deepwater sports fishing and diving.  The waters around the island are World renown for the varied species of fish that are available, such as giant trevally, bonefish, tuna and wahoo, which attracts serious fisherman, and divers from around the world.  There are some beautiful seabirds to see here too.


Christmas Island will remain a destination for those with memories, or a desire to catch, or watch fish and anyone looking to get right away from it all, but you will need to be able to exist on basic amenities.


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Captain Cook Hotel

Captain Cook Hotel

Located on the north side of the island, this basic hotel has 30 rooms and a private beach.

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