Atiu Island


Another attractive and interesting side of the Cook Islands can to be found on the outer islands of Atiu and Mangaia, in the Cook's Southern group. Here the islanders way of life has remained virtually unchanged in thousands of years, with the exception of the building materials used to construct their homes and the design of the clothes they wear.


There is no tourist infrastructure on the outer islands and only a couple of very basic hotels to stay at, but the experience of the visit is in our opinion well worth the short term lack of creature comforts. So if you would like to get a real feel for the Cook Islands, may we suggest that you consider a visit to Mangaia and Atiu.



Atiu is again a 50-minute flight from Rarotonga, but this time north, northeast. It is very similar to Mangaia in its history and culture but is much flatter than Mangaia although it does have some deep valleys. It also has a Makatea ridge and its unique bird species, the Kopeka which are small birds that nest deep inside very dark caves and navigate their way through the caves by echo sounding, which is a truly remarkable event to witness, even if you are not a bird watcher.


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