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Savai'i is the larger of the 2 islands and is one of the largest islands in the South Pacific.  It also has the largest shield volcano, Mount Silisili, (a low, dome-shaped volcano formed by fluid, flowing lava, rather than an explosive, cone-shaped volcano), in the South Pacific, raising 1,858m above sea level.  The island has a high central core with over 100 large and small volcanic craters, a vast tropical rainforest stretching 727 square km , and long, green valleys sloping down to the coast.


The town of Salelologa on the south-east coast, is the biggest township on the island and is the main port and ferry terminal from Upolu.  The ferry crossing takes around 90 minutes and operates several times during the day.  You can also fly from Upolu into Maota Airport, just outside Salelologa, which takes about 30 minutes.


There is a main tarmac road that runs right around the coastline of the island, and although you can easily go all the way round in half a day, there are plenty of villages, secluded beaches and stunning waterfalls to delay your journey, and they are worthy distractions!  Most of the other roads are dirt or unpaved roads, so be aware of this is you want to hire a car and go exploring.  Your journey won't be fast, (or smooth!!), but is well worth the effort and will certainly be memorable!


Savai'i is much less populated than its small neighbour, with less than 45,000 local inhabitants, about a quarter of the the nation's population.  The island is much quieter and less developed than Upolu, but still has some very good quality accommodation properties, with wonderful palm-fringed beaches, picturesque waterfalls, caves, fresh-water pools and coral reefs teeming with marine life.


The island also has numerous historical and archeological sites, and the traditional culture, values and tribal way of life is very strong with the population.  Each village is still run by the chiefs, with each family possibly having several chiefs with different titles, and the village elders are very respected and revered amongst the local population.  Every village has its own Christian church and almost every islander goes to a service on Sunday, a day of rest, so shops, bars and some restaurants may not be open Sundays.


The majority of the population work on plantations, growing taro, coca, coconuts, yams fruit and vegetables, and every village has its own garden area, so local markets are full of fresh, local produce.


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Le Lagoto Resort

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Amoa Resort

A small Resort, with just 13 detached bungalows set amongst lush tropical gardens.

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