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Niue is affectionately known as the 'Rock of the Pacific' and is believed to be the largest coral atoll in the world. The island is located in the centre of a triangle bounded by the Cook Islands to the south-east, Samoa in the north and Tonga to the south-west. Captain Cook landed on the island in 1774, and was met by a hostile reception, so he and his men beat a hasty retreat. As a result of the experience, he named the island the 'Savage Island', which could not be further from the truth, as you will find the people are lovely, very friendly and welcoming.


The island is honeycombed with caves, ringed by the azure blue waters of the Pacific, and covered by a tropical rainforest where an abundance of unique wildlife, birds and plants are to be found.  Some wonderful nature treks can be taken on the island.  The island has no rivers or streams so there is no silt run off into the ocean, which results in some of the clearest water in the world, with underwater visibility often more than 100 feet.  Because of the coral nature of the island, there are many intimate swimming coves that will be just yours for the day!  However, as a result of this geology, there are no beaches, and water is a scarce resource, so use wisely during your stay.


Nuie is not a place that we would recommend for beach lovers, but it is an amazing location for Scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing and for those people looking for a quiet experience.  We would certainly recommend you add it to your list of places to visit on your South Pacific oddessy.


For a small island, the infrastructure is fairly good, having been influenced quite heavily by New Zealand.  The New Zealand dollar is the local currency.  Roads are good condition, hiking trails and scenic attractions are well marked (though guides are available if required), supermarkets and stores are well-stocked and with prices comparable with those in Auckland.  There are a number of bakeries, for freshly baked bread, cakes and pastries, and fresh fruit and vegetables are grown locally, sometimes grown in local residents' gardens!


There are several restaurants and bars on the island, including an indian restaurant, and fish and chips, for those times when you don't want to cook.


The only problem with a visit to Niue is it's current lack of access with its neighbouring Pacific Island nations.  As of July 2017, there is only one flight a week from and to Auckland, so any planned visit will have to be in multiple's of seven nights.  Flights depart Auckland Sunday morning, crosses the date line and arrives in Niue on Saturday afternoon - so you arrive before you left!  Going back, unfortunately, you leave on Saturday afternoon and arrive back in Auckland on Sunday evening.


Most of the properties are small, family guest houses or bed & breakfasts, but there are a couple of hotels available.  In total there are less than 100 rooms on Niue, so this island is never crowded - sometimes the visiting whales outnumber the visiting humans!



Cruises around Niue


Currently, there are no locally based cruise companies offering cruse itineraries around Niue.  There are a few major cruise companies operating the large luxury liners, who offer itineraries across and around the Pacific that will visit some of these islands, but they are not frequent or on a regular basis.


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There's no British representation on the island of Niue. You should contact the New Zealand High Commission if you need consular assistance on Niue. Click HERE to see further information via the New Zealand information page.


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Namukulu Cottages and Spa, Niue

The Namukulu Cottages and Spa is the perfect location for the clients that want to go 'native' but with a little creature comfort.

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Scenic Matavai Resort, Niue

Scenic Matavai Resort, Niue

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Kololi's Motel

Kololi's Motel

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