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Starting from 1st October 2019, New Zealand Government will require all International visitors arriving from Visa Waiver countries to apply online for an 'Electronic Travel Authority' (ETA), similar to the USA's ESTA.  This new requirement will need to be completed and paid for (estimated NZD9.00-12.50) before arrival into New Zealand, along with a new 'International Visitor Conservation & Tourism Levy' (IVL), set at the moment at NZD35, which will be introduced as a way for international visitors to contribute directly to the tourism infrastructure and conservation of the natural environment that they enjoy during their stay.


The ETA will need to be completed online.  More information can be found HERE, along with registration for further information as it becomes available.


If you have any questions regarding these new requirements, please contact us directly


New Zealand Visa Applications

Currently, the vast majority of British passport holders, travelling to New Zealand for less than 6 months, will not need a Visa for normal tourist travel.  For more information, check out the NZ website, or give us a call.


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We believe that New Zealand is without question, one of the most beautiful, and beautifully diverse countries to be found on the planet.  From the North Island's Bay of Islands to the Fjord lands of the South Island, every turn in the road offers the visitor another wonderful scenic vista. New Zealand is truly a magical, peaceful experience which lacks nothing, except possibly people!  Many would say that's what makes the country so special!


There are many extremes of landscape to experience from majestic mountain landscapes to lush green meadows and valleys; from the magnificent pine forests of the North Island, to the hot springs of Rotorua; from beautiful wide flowing rivers and stunning lakes, to the lovingly tended vineyards that are to be found throughout the country.  Wine is now one of the most exported commodities from New Zealand, overtaking wool, dairy products and meat, and many vineyards offer tastings and tours to the visitors.


The first recorded visit to New Zealand by a European was by the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman in 1642, who named the islands.  He was followed 127 years later by Capt. Cook, and many others since!  Sadly, very little of the Maori history and culture has been preserved, so there is not a great deal for the visitor to experience of the islands' very early history, but happily there is a growing revival of Maori culture, which is adding to the visitors unique experience.


The early European settlers' history is mainly limited to the trading and whaling activities that took place around the coastline of both islands in the late 1700's and early 1800's, and the gold mining that happened around Otago in the South Island in the mid to late 1800's.  European settlers did not arrive in any numbers until the early 1800's, when more immigrants came from England, Scotland and other European countries, and soon New Zealand was claimed for the British Empire


New Zealand's climate is a mild temperate climate, with yearly average daytime temperatures ranging from 10°C in the south to 16°C in the north.  Although the seasons are reversed from the UK, they are similar, with cooler, wetter winters and warmer, drier summers, but in general, the weather is warmer and sunnier than the UK.


We offer a range of pre-planned and booked tours that you can select from, which can be taken by car, coach or air, plus we offer a wide range of motorhomes and Car hire for those clients who want to be totally independent. A visit to New Zealand will be a truly memorable experience one which we believe you will wish to repeat, as one visit is not enough.


Collectively, members of our reservations team have visited New Zealand on eleven occasions, so along with our colleagues based in Christchurch, we have a great depth of knowledge to call on to fine tune your own independent, tailor made tour of New Zealand.  If required we can combine your visit to New Zealand with any of the other islands in the South Pacific, to really make it a trip of a lifetime!


So call our reservations department or contact your prefered Travel Agent to discuss your special requirements, no itinerary is too difficult, for us to arrange.



How we have priced the products shown on this site.


The prices are all based on the UK Pound to the NZ$ exchange rate as of the 1st January 2019, but due to the volatility of the currency markets, prices have increased by approximately 23% since about 2016.  We are in the process of amending the prices but the exchange rates are changing on an almost daily basis, which means the prices could be higher than any we have quoted in our pricing tables. Prices quoted are as guide only, and may change at any time without notice due to increases by the supplier or differences in the exchange rates.  Please contact us get a confirmed price at today's rates for your preferred property or service.


If you have any queries with regard to your preferred properties price or any of our other pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Click HERE to see the UK Foreign Office's latest advice for visitors travelling to New Zealand.



Information and photos on the following pages by kind courtesy of, and with grateful thanks to 'mcaretaker' and 'theboywiththethorninhisside'  on Flickr,  '', Wikipedia, Wikimedia, New Zealand Tourism Board and their photographers, Ben Crawford, David Wall, Peter Morath, Chris Sisarich, Rob Suisted and Ian Trafford, various town tourism agencies and town and city councils in New Zealand.

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North Island

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