New Caledonia


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New Caledonia is a combination of French sophistication and Melanesian warmth giving it a truly cosmopolitan feel.  The first impression one has of New Caledonia is how clean and tidy it is, and how dramatic and beautiful the mountain scenery is.  It is very reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands, but with more trees and a lot greener.  The country is far more developed than the other South Pacific island nations and is very much a province of France.


Much of the 19th century architecture reflects the island's French history, which goes back to September 24th 1853 when, under orders from emperor Napoleon III, the islands were formally claimed by Admiral Febvrier Despointes for France.  On Grande Terre, the main island, you'll find the capital Noumea, known locally as little Paris.  The island is fringed by the world's second largest barrier reef.  The other islands that make up the group are the Loyalty Islands and Ile des Pins.


Noumea, attracts people from all over the Pacific to shop for a wide variety of French goods from chocolate to china.  When planning shopping, visitors should remember that the day starts early in New Caledonia - work begins at 7.30am with shops and offices closing between 11am and 1pm so everybody gets to play in the afternoon.  Dining in New Caledonia is an experience in itself with the cuisine ranging from the very best French provincial and nouveau to the exotic.  Chose from Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese), Indian, Tahitian, Japanese and Vietnamese.


Attractions to visit include the Michael Carbasson Forestry Park, the Blue River Territorial Park, the Botanical Gardens, Aquarium, Market, Museum and Geological Gardens.  Plus all the usual water sports are available; kayaking,swimming, snorkelling, diving, fishing etc, as well as a wide range of land based activities including golf, tennis, cycling, fishing and horse riding.  Visited by more Europeans than most of the other small South Pacific island nations, New Caledonia is a must on your South Pacific itinerary.


If you are looking for that 'sand between the toes, get a way from it all' place, we would say New Caledonia may not be the place for you.  However, if you are on a grand tour of the South Pacific then it is a must!


Cruises around New Caledonia

Currently, there are no locally based cruise companies offering cruse itineraries around the New Caledonian Islands.  There are a few major cruise companies operating the large luxury liners, who offer itineraries across and around the Pacific that will visit some of these islands, but they are not frequent or on a regular basis.



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Click HERE to see the UK Foreign Office's latest advice for visitors travelling to New Caledonia.



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