Restaurants in Moorea

There is  quite a few independant restaurants in Moorea, and there are many other dining establishments, within the many Resorts that are recommended, highly rated and reviewed.  You are welcome to eat in any of the Resort restaurants, other than the one you are staying in (reservations recommended), but if you fancy going somewhere different, here are a few that you can enjoy.  Some restaurants would recommend reservations, at others its not necessary.  The restaurants are very welcoming and are grateful for your patronage, especially the smaller establishments.  Some of the larger establishments take cards (usually only Visa and Mastercard, sometimes Maestro and French CB cards) and cash, but some of the smaller, locally-run cafes and snack trucks will only take cash. Some restaurants will offer a free shuttle or hotel pick up service, so always ask when you call them to make your reservations.


Le Mayflower

Le Mayflower Restaurant is located just of the main coastal road on the north west coast of Moorea, at Hauru Point near to Le Petit Village, and serves a gourmet French menu.  A varied selection of fresh local fish (the homemade lobster ravioli or blue cheese ravioli are a favourite), vegetarian and meat dishes is served accompanied with innovative sauces and an extensive wine selection, with several mouthwatering choices for dessert, including the speciality of a frozen coconut ice.  Not the cheapest restaurant, but well worth a visit if your budget will stretch to it.  Accepts cards and cash.  Open 7 days 6.30pm-9.00pm for dinner, with lunch 11.30am - 2.00pm, every day except Saturday and Monday. offer a pick up service from local hotels.


Le Coco's Restaurant

Le Coco's Restaurant is a gourmet fine dining French Restaurant in Ha'apiti, that is the sister restaurant to the highly acclaimed Le Coco's Tahiti.  Only recently opened, in March 2015, the elegant dining room has a refined and stylish ambiance, to match the beautifully presented gourmet delights on the menu.  And the Wine Bar Patio offers open air dining from a special menu.  As you would expect from a French restaurant of this class, they offer a large wine cellar to choose the perfect vintage to accompany your meal.  The menu is decidely French with Oriental and Polynesian influences, and they use fresh local produce wherever possible.  Dining at Le Coco's Moorea not cheap, but if gourmet food is what you want, there is probably no where better. Cash and credit cards accepted.  Offers a local hotel pick-up.  Open Monday-Thursday 5.30pm - 9.30pm and all day Friday-Sunday 11.30 - 9.30pm



Rudy's is a small French Bistro-style restaurant in Maharepa, and serves a French/Polynesian menu including fresh local fish, steaks, lamb and popular western dishes.  They have a small wine list and a selection of cocktails.  Open each evening 5.30pm - 10.00pm cash and credit cards accepted.  Local hotel pickup service when making a reservation.


Te Honu Iti

The Te Honu Iti, (The Little Turtle) or Chez Roger as it also known locally, is a French Polynesian restaurant owned by Chef Roger Igual, who came to French Polynesia as a chef in some of the big hotel restaurants, and liked it so much, he stayed, had a family and opened his own restaurant.  Situated right on the shore overlooking Cooks Bay, many guests are visited during their meal by the rays and sharks below the terrace. hoping for a little piece of fish.   The gourmet menu offers fresh local seafood, including Polynesian poisson cru, imported meat and steaks, fresh salads and vegetables, selection of desserts, and all accompanied with a varied and well stocked wine list. Some evenings local musicians will entertain you.  The terrace tables ovelook the water of Cooks Bay and the shark and ray feeding is definitely something to enjoy.  Local pick up Service. Open Tuesday - Saturday for lunch 11.30am-1.30pm, and every day for dinner 6.30pm-8.30pm. Cash and cards accepted


Le Lezard Jaune Cafe

Located just off the main coast road in Ha'apiti , in the northwest of the island, Le Lezard Jaune Cafe is a casual cafe with an inside dining room and outdoor patio, where you can enjoy a range of freshly grilled 'a la plancha' skewers of meat and fresh local seafood, with all the normal accompaniments.  They have a selection of desserts and a full bar   Free Wi-Fi Internet Access.  Open for dinner Wednesday-Sunday 6.00pm - 10.00pm, and Saturday and Sundays only for lunch 11.30am - 2.00pm. Cash and cards accepted.  Local hotel pickup service.


Coco Beach Bar and Restaurant

Coco Beach Bar and Restaurant is a unique little beach cafe, set on a little motu (island) just off the north-west coast of Moorea, that picks you up by boat (roughly £5pp return) and takes you over to this perfect little white sand paradise. They offer a buffet on some days with a selection of Polynesian dishes, salads and desserts, and the rest of the time they offer a light casual menu, of burgers, salads, fresh seafood and desserts. The bar and restaurant prices are slightly more than you might find on the mainland, but you are paying a little premium for the location here, and once you have eaten your fill, you are welcome to stay as long as you like, swimming, snorkelling or sitting on the white sand or the bar deck, enjoying a cool drink and a wonderful view.  Open Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, lunch only. Reservations required for boat transfer.


Snack Mahana

The Snack Mahana Cafe is on the coast road in the north-west shore of the island, and is a casual cafe with an indoor dining room, small patio and outdoor seating in the shade under the huge branches of a tree, overlooking the sea.  Offering ice cold beers and drinks, it is a popular lunch stop for visitors and locals alike.  The menu serves fresh local fish dishes, including the traditional Poisson Cru, along with salads, chicken, shrimp and good steak dishes.  Open 11.00am - 3.00pm Tuesday to Saturday.  Cash only


Pizza Daniel

Pizza Daniel is a small cafe on the roadside on the west coast road, serving freshly made thin crust pizzas, cooked in a hand-built stone pizza oven, right in front of you.  A good selection of pizza toppings, from the normal pepperoni or three cheese, to the more unusual oriental or seafood pizzas, or your own choices can be made as well.  Take away is available, and althought they don't serve alcohol, you are welcome to bring your owns beers or wine with you.  Cash only, open every day til late, except closed Thursdays.


Allo Pizza.

Located along the shore of Cooks Bay, in the north if the island, Allo Pizza offers fresh handmade pizzas cooked in a wood fired pizza oven, along with a small selection of salads, desserts and freshly baked baguettes straight out of the oven.  Cash only, open every day lunch 11.00am - 2.00pm dinner 5.00pm - 8.30pm


Coco D'isle

Coco D'isle is a casual cafe style property in Ha'apiti, serving a large range of dishes, from handmade pizza and calzone, paninis, burgers, and salad, to fresh local seafood dishes, all done several different ways, so your choice is huge, all served with cold beers/cocktails/drinks and fresh baguette bread.  A selection of ice creams, crepes and desserts finish off your meal, if you can fit them in, along with coffees and liquers.  Takeaway is also available. Some nights they have local musicians playing for you, and will pick you up from your local hotel. Open every day for dinner from 6.00pm - 9.00pm, though some special nights they may open earlier.  Cash only


Moorea Beach Cafe

On the north shore, near Maherepa village,  the Moorea Beach Cafe is run by a French chef, who, after working for many years in Manhattan, New York, came to Moorea in 2012.  Offering  a French menu that uses all the local fresh fish, as well as imported meats and steaks, fresh salads and desserts.  There is an extensive wine and champagne list, but the outstanding thing here is the view!  The dining deck at the rear of the restaurant is right on the shoreline, with stunning sunset views.  Open every day for lunch and dinner 11.30am - 10pm. Local hotel shuttle service. Cash and credit cards accepted.


Fare La Canadienne

The Fare La Canadienne is a casual snack/cafe owned by a Canadian couple, and is popular with tourists and locals alike.  They serve an American/Canadian style menu, with well-renowned burgers, fresh local seafood, and chicken, with fries and salads, all served with a Canadian twist, especially the Canadian bacon!  They have a good selection of beers and cold drinks, and an open kitchen, so you can watch the chef at work.  There is a good selection of mouthwatering desserts, including crepes, ice creams and fresh fruits, and there are tables outside on the patio or inside in the dining room.


Le Mahogany

Le Mahogany is a casual restaurant that is located in Maharepa in Cooks Bay on the north coast of Moorea.  The serve a varied menu to suit all tastes, and offer a good selection of fresh local seafood dishes, including whole lobster, steaks and meats (including a recommended honey roast duck), salads and a Chinese menu.  You can dine at the tables on the patio, or inside in the dining room.  They offer a good wine selection, as well as beers and cold drinks, and their desserts are worth making room for, including chocolate mousse, ice creams, profiteroles, and their signature frozen pineapple dessert with coconut ice cream and rum.  Open for dinner every day except Wednesday.  Local pick up service. Cards and cash accepted.



Carameline is a casual cafe and patisserie located in a small shopping area near the Moorea Pearl Beach Hotel in Maharepa, with a covered open-air terrace with ceiling fans for a cool breeze.  They offer a French/American/Polynesian menu, with a good breakfast menu, serving lovely fresh fruits and croissants, freshly baked french pastries and omelettes, fresh local fish, paninis, quiches and salads for lunch, sweet and savoury crepes, ice creams, meringues and French patisserie style desserts to tempt your sweet tooth.  They offer free Wi-Fi for guests and accept credit cards (Visa/MC) and cash.  Open every day from 7am - 5pm except Sunday close at 2pm.


Lilikoi Garden Cafe

The Lilikoi Garden Cafe is a tiny little food van set in a little garden, along with another little gift shop in a Roulottes (mobile van).  It doesn't look much but from the cute little truck, they serve a nice range of French/Polynesian dishes, using fresh local seafood, as well as popular items such as panini, burgers and salads.  Ideal for a nice lunch or early dinner stop, and they offer free Wi-Fi to guests.  Every no and again, there is a special themed meal, for eat in or take away, such as sushi, Moroccan or oriental dishes.  Cookery classes are also available to try out these themed menus. Definitely something differnt to most restaurants!  Cash only, open every day 11am-3pm and Friday evenings 6.30pm 8.30pm.  Take away available.


La Paillote

La Paillote is a little roadside shack beside the main coast road in Ha'apiti, and although it doesn't have a large building, you dine in the open air under canvas, with sand under your feet.  There is not a huge menu choice, but what they do serve, they do well.  Whole roast chickens, fresh fish and seafood, baguettes and hot dogs, with fresh local vegetables and salads,  and delicious desserts to finish.  You can order your choice of cold drinks (not a full bar) or you can bring your own!  Cash only, and prices are very reasonable for the quality, and quantity of food.  Open for lunch 12.00-2.00pm and dinner 6.00-8.30pm (may not be every day).



Other highly rated Resort and Hotel-based restaurants that you can try:-


Toatea Crepes Restaurant and Bar - Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort

Le Matiahani - Moorea Pearl Beach Resort

Arii Vahine - Sheraton Moorea Lagoon Resort

Fare Nui - Intercontinental Resort Moorea

La Perouse - Sofitel Moorea Beach Resort

Le Sunset - Hotel Hibiscus

K - Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort

Pure - Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort

Rotui Grill - Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort

Arii Vahine Restaurant - Hilton Moorea Lagon Resort


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